The United Kingdom sanctions Sadrach Zeledón, the "paramilitary" mayor of Matagalpa

The United Kingdom sanctions Sadrach Zeledón, the “paramilitary” mayor of Matagalpa

The UK government sanctioned this Friday, December 9, the mayor and deputy mayor of Matagalpa, Sadrach Zeledón and Yohaira Hernández, respectively. “Both have been involved in promoting and supporting serious human rights violations,” the UK Foreign Office said in a press release.

The sanctions of the European country are directed at corrupt officials, those who violate and abuse human rights, as well as the perpetrators of sexual violence in conflicts. These actions take place within the framework of the International Day against Corruption and Human Rights Day.

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Zeledón was also sanctioned by the United States in November last year after the presidential elections. It is pointed out lead repressive acts during the 2018 protestsespecially in the so-called “Operation Cleanup”, where paramilitaries and policemen removed with blood and fire the barricades that the population had erected to defend themselves.

Mayor Sadrach Zeledón is known by many Matagalpinos as “the paramilitary”, as he is accused of leading armed groups in April 2018 in Matagalpa, San Ramón and Rancho Grande. In those days of violence and repression, photos and videos of the official surrounded by paramilitaries and proudly displaying his weapons circulated.

“The package includes people and entities involved in a wide range of atrocious activities, including the torture of prisoners, the mobilization of troops to rape civilians and systematic atrocities,” says the London Chancellery.

“These sanctions demonstrate the UK’s commitment to uphold free societies and human rights for everyone, everywhere,” he concludes.

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