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The “unexpected” fight between Petro and Rodolfo when it was believed that there could be an “alliance”

This Monday, candidate Hernández added a new statement: “Petro offered me the Vice Presidency and many other things.”

Petro had already asked Rodolfo Hernández to meet because of the government’s alleged intentions against the May 29 elections, but the unexpected response of the former mayor of Bucaramanga sparked a “fight.”

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«After looking for me for an alliance, Petro begins to attack me when the polls show that I am the only one who can beat him in the second round. Look where the copper peels. I no longer serve you, Dr. Petro?”, the tweet by Rodolfo Hernández that sparked the controversy.

The mess on Twitter

There have been no known conversations either via WhatsApp messaging or phone calls, but there have been messages on Twitter, which has become a vital network in this campaign process for the May 29 elections. In colombia.

So now the fight is between two very active actors in the Little Blue Bird network, Petro and Hernández.

Petro, after denouncing in speeches in squares at the end of the campaign, denounced that a coup was being “forged”. He said they would switch to the national registrar.

Given the panorama, he called on two of the candidates to ‘close ranks’.

He asked Sergio Fajardo and Rodolfo Hernández for an “urgency meeting” to confront this supposed plan.

In this case, Fajardo responded that it was necessary to have more responsibility with what was said in the midst of this electoral process. And he did not attend the meeting with the leader of human Colombia.

Although this Monday, they saw each other personally in the Definitive Debate that at this time (8:49 pm) the magazine Semana is transmitting.

Rodolfo’s ‘no’ to Petro

While Hernández was more direct in his response to the request of the former mayor of Bogotá: «Gustavo: 1. The fire does not go out with gasoline. 2. It is irresponsible to assume nonexistent facts as true. 3. I am a victim of sheaves and I do not lend myself to making them».

Hours after this response, Petro would have responded directly.

“Even the millionaire who claims to fight corruption is a millionaire because he is corrupt. Let’s get it right. Even the one who says that he is not a Uribe supporter is a Uribe supporter. He drinks whiskeys and does business with his children, ”he said in the Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá on Sunday and according to the media, that message was for Hernández.

Petro has not said anything else, nor has he responded to Hernández’s question: “Now I’m not good for you, Dr. Petro?”

However, he did retweet one of the messages that the former Bumangués mayor is in the eye of the hurricane, about fracking.

The "unexpected" fight between Petro and Rodolfo when it was believed that there could be an "alliance"

This Monday, the candidate Hernández, has added a new statement: «Petro offered me the Vice Presidency and many other things».

All this fighting, for many, is part of a plan. A strategy. But for followers of the leader of Human Colombia, Hernández plays for “other interests.”

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