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The UN, expensive bureaucratic apparatus; a vase, insists AMLO

Emir Olivares and Alonso Urrutia

Newspaper La Jornada
Thursday, September 15, 2022, p. 7

Once again, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized the United Nations (UN). It is a bureaucratic apparatus that is remaining as a vaseassured.

Questioned in his morning conference yesterday about the invitation made by Alessandra Vellucci, head of the Information Service of the Geneva headquarters of the multilateral organization, for the president to attend the General Assembly to present his position; the tabasqueño turned: I already went to the UN, read what I said, I went about a year agohe pointed out when referring to his intervention in November of last year before the Security Council, where he proposed creating a pact against poverty to help more than 750 million people in the world who live with less than two dollars a day.

I said that the UN was not addressing what was fundamental, which was corruption and the concentration of power in the world, and that they were doing nothing, that they had done nothing to help more than 800 million people who live on one dollar a day, and that it is a bureaucratic apparatus that is becoming a vase, and that it costs a lot, and I support it.

He added that the last straw was that the organization failed in the objective so that the vaccines against covid-19 would not be concentrated only in the nations that could pay for them, and that on the contrary they will reach all countries, including the poorest, in equal conditions .

What happened? The body they created for that purpose was concentrated and the body they created for that purpose was not able to issue a statement denouncing the hoarding of vaccines, we are talking about the pandemic. And of course I’m going to keep saying.

Finally, he reiterated that it will be Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón who will attend the UN General Assembly to be held this month.

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