The two Colombians who would play the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The two Colombians who would play the Qatar 2022 World Cup

James and two Colombian players.

Both dream of maintaining a good level so as not to miss the orbital date.

Colombia News.

The Colombian National Team did not qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, to be held between November and December in Arab lands.

Those led by Reinaldo Rueda were eliminated after placing outside the playoff zone, a box that will be disputed between Peru and Australia, the latter participating in Oceania.

The two Colombians who would play the Qatar 2022 World Cup
Players of the Colombian National Team.

It was a disappointment for the entire country and for the coffee players who dreamed of being once again in the top tournament for international teams. One of the most affected: The peasant ‘Lucho’ Díaz, for the great moment he lives in Liverpool, in England.

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We will have to wait four more years.

Although we will not see the ‘Tricolor’ in any stadium in Qatar, two players born in Colombia could play in the Cup.

The teams for which they play did qualify for the World Cup. These are: United States and Canada.

The samarium Jesús Ferreira, an outstanding striker for Dallas FC, plays in the first.

He is 21 years old, was born on December 24, 2000 in Santa Marta, Colombia.

His father, the former player of América de Cali, David Ferreira, had a stint in the MLS in the last years of his career and there Jesus took the opportunity to nationalize.

The two Colombians who would play the Qatar 2022 World Cup
David Ferreira, former player of América de Cali.

He has played for the North American national team since February 1, 2020. He has played 9 games with ‘the absolute’ and has scored three goals.

Jesús hopes to be able to continue demonstrating his conditions in order to have a place among the 32 selectable players of the American coach Gregg Berhalter who will arrive in Qatar at the end of the year to compete in the World Cup.

The United States is in Group B along with England, Iran and the winner of the Euro playoff.

“A Canadian”

The Canadian National Team also has a Colombian within its ranks.

This is Jonathan Osorio, a mixed midfielder who already has 55 games with the senior team. He has scored 7 goals and has given another seven 7 assists.

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It is worth remembering that Canada is part of Group F, which is completed by: Belgium, Morocco and Croatia.

He is the son of a caleño with a paisa. He is 29 years old and was born in Toronto, Canada.

Osorio has a peculiarity and that is that he celebrates his goals with a coffee aroma. He has the ‘Juan Valdés’ logo tattooed on his left leg and when he scores, he puts his hands to his mouth pretending to hold a cup of coffee.

Osorio currently plays for Toronto FC, a team that is part of the United States MLS.

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