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The tip of the Fourth category returns to Chaco

Deportivo Recoleta took advantage of the draws of their escorts and won a ‘six point’ match to extend their lead at the top of the 2022 Primera División B tournament table.

The Funebrero received Fulgencio Yegros de Ñemby today at the Roque Battilana stadium on date 14.

The aurinegro team left the three points in their feud with goals from Blas González (27′) and Andrés Ávalos (82′). Ángel Enciso made the temporary equalizer (38′).

With this result, Recoleta adds 28 units and extends to three its advantage over its immediate pursuers, General Díaz and Capiatá, who tied their respective commitments.

For its part, Atlético Tembetary slowed down in an incredible way by losing this morning against September 29 at its Complex with a penalty executed by Jorge Balbuena (1-2) after time expired.

Among other results of the day, September 24 beat Colón de Saldívar 2-1 in Areguá and Colón de Ñemby crushed Limpeño 4-2 in Pablo Patricio Bogarín.


-Friday, June 10

*February 3 RB 2-2 General Diaz

-Saturday June 11

*Knight General ZC 2-2 November 3

*Olimpia de Itá 2-2 Deportivo Capiatá

*Atlantis SC 2-1 Presidente Hayes

-Sunday June 12

*Tembetary Athletic 1-2 September 29

*Deportivo Recoleta 2-1 Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ)

*September 24 2-1 Christopher Columbus JAS

*Cristobal Colon Ñemby 4-2 Sportivo Limpeño


Deportivo Recoleta 28, General Díaz 25, Deportivo Capiatá 24, Atlántida 24, Atlético Tembetary 23, November 3 23, September 24 23, Cristóbal Colón (Ñ) 19, Silvio Pettirossi 18, Presidente Hayes 16, September 29 15, Cristóbal Colón JAS 14, Olimpia de Itá 13, February 3 RB 12, Sportivo Limpeño 8, General Caballero ZC 8, Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ) 6.

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