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The thread of corruption

To properly understand the deep and rooted problem of corruption in our country, we must start from the fact that corruption is the action and effect of corrupting and corrupting is altering or disrupting the form of something, it is spoiling, depraving, damaging, rotting, it is bribing, perverting, seducing someone with gifts. Customs, principles, ideals and, therefore, the people who are part of that structure are corrupted.

Unfortunately it is not from yesterday, it is from a long time ago in which corruption has taken citizenship card destroying and ravaging consciences and institutions and, the most alarming thing, is that this situation no longer causes astonishment and much less stupor in the inhabitants of this a country that is no longer in formation, due to corruption it has stopped doing so and tries to remain at levels of ignorance and mediocrity so that corruption continues to act at will, without limits and fewer sanctions.

The common thread of corruption has two ends, the one that corrupts on one side and the corrupted on the other, and it is obvious that if one of the extremes does not exist, the other will not either. Criminal legislation in some cases already contemplates this type of situation, for example, in bribery there are two ends of the corruption thread, on one the one who bribes and on the other the one who is bribed; There are many nuances such as the bribe, which is the one who demands that the other bribe him, but this corruption mechanism would definitely not exist if one side of the thread did not exist.

In other situations, people’s perception is that there is only one end of the thread, the one that corrupts, and to this the weight of the law should fall. In reality, this is not the case and I allow myself to point out two recent public affairs among the many – too many, I would say – that we are witnesses that occur every day.

At one end of the thread are the junk car smugglers who, against all odds, even attacking the authority with firearms, illegally enter thousands of vehicles for sale in the country. At the other end of this thread of corruption, there are the thousands of owners of those shitty cars, who demand that they be legalized, even when they are the result of crime, but they are not interested and only want to assert their crooked rights that destroy the minimum common sense and legality, reaching inconceivable extremes such as grouping together in associations to defend their rights that are born of crime and the competent authorities grant them legal personality, when they should not only have rejected those requests, but rather, in application of the law, seized the illegal vehicles products of the first end of the thread of corruption.

Within the same theme of the chuto cars, there were situations, obviously illegal, that many law enforcement personnel have in their possession chuto cars, from which they will never ask for documents, like any simple neighbor who circulates with your vehicle. The highest authority of that institution, with incomprehensible boasting, declares that those law enforcement officers who have shit cars are going to lose a year of seniority. This unprecedented situation shows us two ends of the thread of corruption, at one end is that the highest authority of the force called by law to impose order, recognizes that members of his institution have shitty cars, that is, illegal, and takes them as a normal thing and accepts them, and at the other end of the thread are those members of the security forces who have and drive and enjoy cool cars.

Thus, we could continue in a very long litany of the ends of the thread of corruption and that once and for all, at least the conscious people who are still ashamed of corruption, become aware of it, to denounce situations that border on the incredible. and look for the means that can not increase one of these extremes of corruption.

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