Villarejo promotes agreement and hopes that more sectors will join

The TEI cannot be a meeting of representatives, says pre-candidate for Presidency

Sebastián Villarejo, pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the Patria Querida Party, in a talk with Radio 1000, assured that an agreement is necessary, alleging that it is an institutional mechanism.

“Citizens have to choose who is the candidate who arrives in April 2023, with the greatest possible breadth, and it is the citizens who choose which is the duo to confront with continuity,” he said.

Regarding the formation of the Independent Electoral Tribunal, he agreed that the pre-candidates must participate in order to reach a consensus for the members of the TEI.

“I do not suspect anything of anyone, I do believe that everyone is going to have their little heart and it is important that those who are going to submit to the electoral bid are mainly that they have to agree, what we are looking for are fair conditions. The TEI cannot be a meeting of representatives, we have to look for honorable and suitable people, the TEI is the most important thing that the agreement will have, ”he sentenced.

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