The technical table to define the date of the census is installed tomorrow at 18:00 in Trinidad

The technical table to define the date of the census is installed tomorrow at 18:00 in Trinidad

November 3, 2022, 17:40 PM

November 3, 2022, 17:40 PM

The technical table to define the date of the census will be installed tomorrow in Trinidad, has just confirmed the Minister of Planning, Sergio Cusicanqui. The appointment starts at 18:00. The 11 universities of the public system, the municipalities, governorates, representatives of Unfpa and Celade are summoned.

With the three main cities of the axis of the country in conflict, the Government decided to take the technical table to the city of Trinidad, where the authorities and a technical delegate per commission will meet to work on carrying out the Population and Housing Census. The Executive left in the hands of this instance the definition of the registration date.

“Tomorrow the inauguration of the technical commission will take place at 6:00 p.m. in the Convention Center in the city of Trinidad, later, the technical commission will begin to work in the classrooms of the Autonomous University José Ballivián del Beni”, said the Minister of Planning at a press conference.

The meeting in Cochabamba last Friday called, “Plurinational Meeting for a Census”, agreed to the installation of a technical table that decides the date of conducting the national survey and this afternoon the minister said that this technical commission You will have the mission of finding a suitable date.

Right now, Santa Cruz carries out an indefinite strike that is about to complete two weeks; Cochabamba started the blockade of roads in charge of the carriers and La Paz is isolated by the blockades and with latent conflicts in other sectors. With this scenario, the Government chose Trinidad to meet again with the elected departmental and municipal authorities.

To the meeting were summoned: the 11 universities of the public system; the nine associations of municipalities of each department; the nine capital municipal governments plus the city of El Alto; departmental governments; autonomous native indigenous peasant governments; finally, the representatives of the United Nations Population Fund (Unfpa) and the Population Division of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Celade/ECLAC).

“We are requesting that they accredit a person from their technical team to be able to install the technical commission and that this work can be organized, in this way begin to develop all the work of this technical commission that seeks to establish the best date for the census process. in our country,” the minister said later.

Cusicanqui stated that this commission of technical officials will not have a deadline to set the date of completion of registrationeither and left open that they can work more than one day on that purpose; Despite the insistence of journalists, he said that there is no set time.

Also, he said that Santa Cruz does not have to maintain the pressure measures because its main demands are met and tomorrow the work of defining the dates will begin. Cusicanqui said that the invitations have already been sent to all the authorities that have representation and he did not mention civic committees.

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