The teaching of Spanish expands in Canada

The Canadian province of Ontario is preparing to install a headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in the near future. The purpose is to expand the teaching of the Spanish language in the region, since in that territory around one million 200 thousand people are Spanish speakers, announced the director of the Institute’s Headquarters, Luis García.

The announcement was made at the inauguration of the Annual Congress of Canadian Hispanists, where all the details about the new institution were evaluated, as reported Latin Press.

Spanish is the first foreign language taught at the secondary and higher levels in Canada, with more than 92,000 students. Currently, close to a thousand of these are enrolled in educational programs of Spanish culture and language.

Approximately 730,000 Canadian citizens have Spanish as their mother tongue, according to the Instituto Cervantes yearbook “Spanish in the world”. Both Toronto and Montreal, two of the most populous cities in Canada, account for more than half of the Spanish speakers in the entire country.

Spanish is the room most spoken language in the world, with approximately 595 million people fluent in it. The Instituto Cervantes forecasts that the number will reach its highest number in 2068: approximately 726 million.

Spanish continues to be a highly demanded language among students, as is the case in the United States, where eight million inhabitants learn the language. In Brazil, it has aroused the interest of more than five million people.

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