The tasks that Petro assigned to the new ministers of Justice and Science

The tasks that Petro assigned to the new ministers of Justice and Science

President Gustavo Petro keep building your cabinet of ministers, with the possession of the same, and, this Wednesday, August 17, he swore in those who will lead the portfolios of Justice and Science.

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The act of possession was carried out on the premises of the military airport Catam, prior to a trip that President Petro had planned to Castilla La Nueva, in Meta, where he is going to visit an Ecopetrol solar park.

That’s the way it is, Nestor Osuna and Arturo Luna they were sworn in as Ministers of Justice and Science, respectively.

Regarding the Justice portfolio, Petro said that the most important issues to address are: “A new prison policy, fundamentally seeking to decriminalize certain behaviors; stop overcrowding in certain prisons; guarantee the independence of the judiciary; and the reform of justice, whose central axis is that there be judges, that citizens can approach the judiciary from different areas, that is the basis of peace“.

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Regarding the Ministry of Science, he commented: “We are looking for a portfolio that articulates science in its application, which is technology, in the fields of national production and that has to look at the university, because science is built in the university“.

Arthur Moon.

In the presidential act he also took possession Javier Pava Sánchez as General Director of the Disaster Risk Management Unit.

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About that entity, Petro stated: “We need to reduce risk to save lives in times of climate change. The country must be alerted to risk maps in this regard“.

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