The Superindustry asked mobile phone operators to guarantee the privacy of user data

The Superindustry asked mobile phone operators to guarantee the privacy of user data

The Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Maria del Socorro Peppermet with the presidents and senior executives of the country’s mobile phone companiesin order to insist on compliance with the free competition regime, the protection of telecommunications users and the rules on privacy and due processing of personal data.

In the meeting, in which they were also present, the delegate for the PProtection of Free Competitionthe delegates of Consumer Protection, Protection of Personal Data and Jurisdictional Affairs; In addition to the director of Investigations for the Protection of Telecommunications Users, the entity invited managers and representatives of companies in this economic sector “to incorporate the highest standards and best business practices that promote the welfare of consumersthe protection of users’ personal data and guarantee free competition”.

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Likewise, the importance of working from a preventive approach was highlighted and that, in the face of possible effects on the rights of consumers and users, It is appropriate to use the tool “SIC Facilita” that the entity has, with the purpose that the complaints or demands are the ultimate consumer choice to solve your problems.

In this sense, the Superintendent warned that the authority will work in a coordinated manner from each of the delegations, in defense of the rights of users of the country’s telecommunications services, with the purpose of continuing to carry out this activity under strict compliance with the legal system.

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The SIC emphasized that will remain vigilant that mobile phone companies comply with current regulations in the development of their business activity.

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