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The Strongest conquered El Alto: beat Always Ready 1-3 and is more pointer than ever

The Strongest conquered El Alto: beat Always Ready 1-3 and is more pointer than ever

October 8, 2022, 17:07 PM

October 8, 2022, 17:07 PM

The Strongest is more cutting-edge than ever. The tabby defeated Always Ready in El Alto with goals from Michael Ortega, Jeyson Chura, and Gabriel Sotomayor. Great game lived in Villa Ingenio.

At minute 2, a penalty was sanctioned for Always Ready for an alleged hand by Gabriel Valverde. The defender threw himself to cover a shot by Juan Carlos Arce, and the ball hit the hand of the ’12’.

After much dilation, and analysis of the VAR, the charge was annulled. As seen, the ball had hit the central defender’s leg, not his hand.

At minute 10 came the first goal of the game. Juan Carlos Arce took a corner kick that almost hit Viscarra, and Marc Enoumba was attentive on the rebound for the partial 1-0.

At minute 29 The Strongest had a very dangerous attack, where Enrique Taborga appeared knocking down Enrique Triverio inside the area and the second penalty of the match was charged, with the difference that this was not canceled by the VAR.

Michael Ortega took over and took a low shot to Mosquera’s right post. Unattackable shot for 1-1 in 30 minutes of the first half.

In the second part, Jeyson Chura got rid of his mark after a ball filtered through the left sector. The national striker stepped on the area and unsheathed a superb shot for 1-2 at minute 53.

At the close of the game, Gabriel Sotomayor scored the final 1-3. The tabby player stepped on the area and received a cross from Diego Wayar from the right sector. Always was unbalanced in defense and paid dearly.

Important victory for Achumani’s man, who leaves at the top of the Closing Tournament. ‘Pampa’ Biaggio managed to come back from the match and hit a direct rival in his own home.

The Strongest came out on top with 49 points, Bolívar in second place with 46, and Always Ready third with 45. Next Wednesday the classic La Paz will take place, where the tiger will be able to get even further away, or deliver a tie in points for first place.

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