The story of Javier Ríos, the uncle who demanded his nephew’s seat

“The same month of January 2008, I sent petition rights to the 91 entities of the District; in these I affirm: “With the aim of establishing the regime of disabilities and incompatibilities in my capacity as councilman… in order to obtain information if in the district entity that you direct there is currently any contractual relationship with my relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity …”. In my case, it is about 46 relatives”, explains Ríos Londoño in a communication to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The former councilor assures that in said petition rights he included the name of five companies in which he was aware that his uncle Javier Ríos had some type of participation. “Additionally, I included in the communications five companies that my uncle Javier Ríos had mentioned in the letter he sent to the Attorneydays before my possession, with the intention that I be investigated”, he affirms.

Within this judicial framework, it is also known that Javier Ríos Velilla, when he found out that his nephew intended to reach the Bogotá Council, tried to overthrow said possibility. Uncle Ríos Velilla sent a letter to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation with the intention that this control body knock down his nephew’s seat on the Council. However, the Attorney General’s Office, in January 2010, issued a favorable opinion, assuring that the then councilman had not committed any fault.

This is how the document of the disciplinary body reads: “It has been established that there was no fault because there was no inability, incompatibility, conflict of interest or breach of the duties of the officials… it is important to point out Mr. Felipe Ríos, as has been proven , was governed within the canons of ethics and law… although he was aware of his affinity with Javier Ríos Velilla and his alleged affairs with the district, the councilor activated the mechanisms at his disposal to clarify the situations described there , identify the companies or topics in which he should refrain from participating and decide. But he also declared himself impeded without leaving room for doubt or reproach”.

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