The sovereignty of Paraguay is in danger

The sovereignty of Paraguay is in danger

Paraguay has endured many adversities and was on the verge of disappearing as a country during the war against the Triple Alliance (1864-1870), which was total extermination, but it was saved. When we were slightly recovering, another international conflict came, the Chaco War (1932-1935). More than 30,000 Paraguayans died in that sad episode. Now, we are again going through another misfortune, corruption, which endangers our sovereignty and our democracy.

Paraguay went through many sad situations, there were many events that marked our political history, but we were able to overcome all of them, and we have managed to preserve ourselves as a free and independent country.

Currently, our sovereignty is at risk, due to corruption, which triggers mismanagement of State institutions. Everything is contaminated. And if we continue on this line of total decomposition, a bleak, black and sad future awaits us; with more poverty, more inequality and more social problems.

The United States recently issued a list of corrupt figures against important political figures who live peacefully in Paraguay. For the US they are corrupt, but for the local Prosecutor’s Office, they have no crimes.

We have defended the independence of Paraguay (1811), we have defended democracy, we have fought two international wars to defend our country. And now, we are falling as a country due to corruption and impunity. We need to clean up politics, because we are about to become a narco-state.

Only we, good citizens, can save the Republic of Paraguay

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