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The South American 2022 defines its champion: Sao Paulo or Independiente del Valle

Deportivo Recoleta thrashed Fulgencio Yegros and parked one meter from the border with the Intermediate Division.

Date 31 of the 2022 First Division B tournament started today with the clash between the leader and the already relegated Ñembyense hero in the Pa’i Ñu Forest.

Yegros began winning with a goal from Bendix Parra (4′), but Recoleta turned it around thanks to Andrés Ávalos (16′ and 65′), Blas González (20′) and the inevitable Víctor Zorrilla (86′).

With this result, the Funebrero adds 62 points and, for the moment, takes 9 to September 24 Aregueño (2nd with 53), who must play on Monday as a visitor with Colón de Saldívar.

Recoleta was quite close to achieving the objective. He could even celebrate the promotion this afternoon if Atlántida (3rd with 51), Tembetary (4th with 50) and General Díaz (5th with 50) lose their respective sets (he would get 11 and 12 points from them with 9 to play).


-Friday September 30

*Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ) 1-4 Deportivo Recoleta

*President Hayes vs. Atlantis SC

Stadium: Fortin de Tacumbú.

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Referee: Sergio Melgarejo.

Attendees; Christian Giménez and Nimio Vera.

Fourth referee: Alcides Gray.

*Sportivo Limpeno vs. Christopher Columbus Ñemby

Stadium: Optaciano Gomez.

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Referee: Cesar Rolon.

Assistants: Aníbal Esteche and Diego Silva.

Fourth referee: Arcenio Mereles.

*Deportivo Capiata vs. Olympia of Ita

Stadium: Erico Galeano.

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Referee: Alvaro Gimenez.

Assistants: Juan Figueredo and Rubén Dávalos.

Fourth referee: Edgar Barrios.

*September 29 vs. Atletico Tembetary

Stadium: Salustiano Zaracho.

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Referee: Cesar Herebia.

Assistants: Cristóbal Alderete and Juan Mendoza.

Fourth referee: Juan Franco.

-Sunday, October 2

*General Diaz vs. February 3 FBC

Stadium: Adrian Jara.

Time: 10:00.

Referee: Jose Armoa.

Assistants: Francisco Ramos and Roberto Azari.

Fourth referee: Alberto Candia.

*November 3 vs. Knight General ZC

Stadium: Ruben Ramirez

Time: 15:30

Referee: Samuel Morales

Assistants: Carlos Sánchez and Marcelo Almada

Fourth referee: José Franco

-Monday, October 3

* Christopher Columbus JAS vs. 24th September

Stadium: Gunther Vogel.

Time: 10:00 (TV).

Referee: Aldo Quiñonez.

Assistants: Carlos Valdovinos and Lucio Garcia.

Fourth referee: Luis Trinidad.


Deportivo Recoleta 62, September 24 53, Atlántida 51, Atlético Tembetary 50, General Díaz 50, November 3 49, Deportivo Capiatá 46, Presidente Hayes 40, Olimpia de Itá 36, Silvio Pettirossi 35, Cristóbal Colón JAS 33, September 29 32, Cristóbal Colón (Ñ) 32, General Caballero ZC 25, February 3 RB 23, Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ) 22, Sportivo Limpeño 15.

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