The silent depression, a sequel to Covid-19

The silent depression, a sequel to Covid-19

From environmental and, above all, genetic factors, a picture of “masked or silent depression” can originate, a variant of the disorder that can be devastating, without the containment of a comprehensive psychological treatment, explained psychologist Gloria Petters.

“In this variant there may be underlying neurological precedents that the person did not know and that may come from families with the same disorder. In this class of cases there is a high risk of recurrence and specific symptoms of irritability, lack of improvement, the perception of not advancing and the vision of feeling trapped in a tunnel appear, ”he explained.

Along the same lines, the professional commented that after the pandemic, charts of patients in whom Covid-19 increased the incidence of developing disorders as a result of stress were observed in the office.

“We saw in people who had specific post-covid symptoms, the incidence of neurological situations is increased. When we say neurological, we speak precisely of psychological affectations that arose from the increase in stress and suffering, ”she indicated.

Petters cited that there are different types of depression: “the allogenic, the exogenous and, also, the chronic, which requires prolonged pharmacological assistance to combat the condition. “In all cases, with the help of a professional, those thought distortions that are present and lead to psychic suffering can be changed: the person’s reality,” he said.

The psychologist recalled that the treatment against the disorder must be systematic and each family member or loved one of the affected person can contribute to transform the patient’s quality of life.

“Behavioral activation is also very important within the treatment process, which involves the application of physical activity. It is highly recommended between 20 to 30 minutes a day, so that the person with persistent symptoms of sadness, hopelessness or irritability can reduce them, “he said.

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