The seventh cohort of the Diploma in Political Communication of Lauicom begins

The seventh cohort of the Diploma in Political Communication of the International University of Communications (lauicom), began with the participation of 120 students, reported the rector Tania Diazwho assured that the objective of these courses “is to provide tools to students from different public institutions, to wage the battle of ideas in the face of the cognitive warfare to which the nation is exposed by imperial forces and the media ”.

Díaz stated that, based on the proposal of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Morosto promote the four lines of action to wage the communication battle for the truth in Venezuela, “from Lauicom the Venezuelan affirmative and critical thinking are developed, two essential lines to generate attack strategies against the use of the big media and the so-called theater of operations, which attack the cultural cognitive to affect a government”, he said.

He assured that the communication war tries to affect critical thinking, and for this reason, from Lauicom, “it seeks to make the communication of these times understandable and to collectively build the communication that we believe is needed in Venezuela,” he said.

Rector Tania Díaz said that in the six previous cohorts that have already completed the study process, there are more than 650 people who have graduated from this diploma -which is currently the best known in the university-, and reported that the seventh cohort , will be the one that closes the school period of the year 2023.


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