The SET does not exercise a preventive role according to Querey

The SET does not exercise a preventive role according to Querey

The Bicameral Commission of Investigation (CBI) of money laundering, had its eighth meeting on Tuesday morning. On the occasion they were invited; Óscar Orué, head of the Undersecretary of State for Taxation (SET) and Arnaldo Giuzzio, former Minister of the Interior.

Jorge Querey, national senator for the Guasu Front, and president of said commission, stated that Giuzzio provided relevant data regarding how different investigative processes were taking place and how this is communicated to the respective spheres, some to the Prosecutor’s Office and others to the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money Laundering (Seprelad) on complex processes. “There is a first conclusion, the center of the universe is our institutional refoundation. What is clear that a former minister tells you when among the different state institutions that should act in a complementary manner to combat criminal organizations and money laundering and their preceding crimes, however there are leaks, powers, inactions and that is what is reflected in some investigations that did not reach the objective.


The members of the CBI discussed the smuggling issue with Minister Óscar Orué. Regarding this meeting, Querey affirmed that the SET does not have a preventive role and warned that there is a normative and institutional deficit. “We have a list of companies that could perfectly be evaluated preventively and we would have many surprises. A political crisis is generated around the tobacco industry and on the one hand we have the industry and on the other the illicit international trade with documents. These intermediate companies should have been controlled long ago. We knew about this contraband but there is no preventive role until there is a suspicion of the Prosecutor’s Office and Seprelad, “he questioned.

The CBI became operational on June 14. He has 60 days to complete his investigations, which now focus on Cartes’ links to money laundering. In case of not finishing the work, they can request an extension of 60 more days.

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