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The SET carried out operations in nightclubs in San Bernardino

Within the framework of awareness-raising and formalization operations, the Jeroviaha Department of Tax Administration visited nightclubs located in San Bernardino, carrying out deterrent procedures to those whose activities develop mainly around the tourist-summer area.

The interventions were aimed at verification of the data declared in the RUC and the correct use of Sales Receipts.

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Indeed, irregularities such as lack of updating of RUC data referring to address, telephone and undeclared establishments, some premises no sales receipts and others with errors in filling these, as well as in some places the RUC constancy was not observed.

Based on the findings, we proceeded to instruct managers or owners of the premises about the importance of keeping the RUC data updated, display the RUC certificate in a visible place and to issue and deliver legal vouchers for each sale made.

The SET will continue to carry out different types of operationswith the purpose of achieving the formalization of those who exercise some type of trade, through the processes of verifications and monitoring of the issuance of sales receipts.

Lastly, he urges merchants/taxpayers to regularize their situation with the treasury and thus avoid sanctions and ex officio registrations.

The entrance The SET carried out operations in nightclubs in San Bernardino was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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