The SEP says that the absorption of the teachers' payroll is still under analysis

The SEP says that the absorption of the teachers’ payroll is still under analysis

Zacatecas and Michoacán are the states that most face the problem of debts to teachers; in fact, this was the main complaint to the outgoing administrations, for which the federal government began negotiations and diagnoses to take control of payrolls.

Still in February and April of this year, already under the Morena governments, members of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) held protests in Michoacán, Guerrero and Zacatecas for late payments.

Only in Michoacán —where the debt amounts to more than 600 million pesos, according to the CNTE— two thirds of the resource to pay teachers is provided by the state government, while a third is sent by the federation, and only covers those who have a federal key.

Will the federation be able to absorb the educational payroll?

In 1992, educational decentralization was finalized through the National Agreement for the Modernization of Basic and Normal Education, with which the federation left the administration of federalized and state schools in the hands of the states.

For Patricia Ganem, a researcher at the organization Educación con Rumbo, that is where the problem began at the state level, since it gave way to a dynamic system that, in turn, created the figure of Technical Pedagogical Advisors (ATPs) who assume nodal functions in the system. educational, but they don’t have keys.

“Time goes by and it is necessary to regularize those keys, but in the process there are teachers who go from the sector or from the state format to the federal one, because they change their position, and in the end they are not regularized either. So what the federation is now saying is ‘I’m going to take care of everything’. And here comes another very serious problem: Will the federation have the capacity to absorb all that?”, the specialist asks in an interview with Political Expansion.

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