The Senate will have a special session to repudiate the attack against the Vice President

The Senate will have a special session to repudiate the attack against the Vice President

Photo: Senate Press.

The Senate of the Nation will celebrate this Thursday at 11 a special session to approve a draft declaration repudiating the attack against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner proposed by the Frente de Todos interblocwhose members considered “a big mistake” the decision not to participate announced by their peers from the opposition coalition Together for Change.

The initiative of the FdT was formalized in the afternoon this Wednesday and bears the signature of the provisional president of the Senate, from Santiago, Claudia Ledesma Abdala de Zamora.

Once the call was made official, from JxC they released a statement in which they announced that they will not attend the session because, they said, “they do not endorse the political-partisan use of Congress”.

The intention of the ruling party is to approve a pronouncement on the premises based on two draft declarations presented by senators Nora Giménez (FdT-Salta) and María Clara del Valle Vega (Fuerza Cívica Riojana-La Rioja).

The FdT sought during the past weekend to advance with the theme for Tuesdaybut postponed the idea for a couple of days to give senators who are not in Buenos Aires time to travel from their provinces.

The decision that had been in the making was addressed during a meeting of the ruling interbloc that took place on Monday afternoon.

But The call was rejected by the opposition coalition, from where they accused the FdT of seeking to “politicize the event and try to hold the Justice, the media and the opposition responsible as instigators”while calling to “avoid higher levels of confrontation and social tension, with a view to favoring social peace.”

“The immediate, timely and sincere attitude of the senators of Together for Change, a few minutes after the attack occurred, where they signed a joint statement with the Front for All bloc, not only reflected their total absence of speculation around a fact of such magnitude, but also marked the right path to transmit certainty to society”, said the JxC senators.

Consulted by Télam about the opposition position, the FdT senator for Mendoza, Anabel Fernández Sagasti, said that “they are very wrong” and asked them to “reflect”to later remark that this is a moment to “strengthen the institutionality”.

In tune, the porteño Mariano Recalde considered the opposition’s rejection “misguided”, especially when “expressions of rejection of hatred and violence are needed”.

“You have to act without speculation,” Recalde added, while José Neder, also from FdT, from Santiago, distanced himself: “It’s their decision.”

For his part, the Jujuy official Guillermo Snopek stated that what was resolved by the opposition seems to him to be “lack of respect”, since the country is going through “times when we seek dialogue and build bridges”.

Last Thursday, the FdT and JxC issued a statement stating that “the blocks and interblocks of the Senate of the Nation express their strong repudiation of the assassination attempt against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, which occurred tonight at the gates of your home”.

“In addition, we express our absolute solidarity with the Vice President and her family. And we demand the prompt and complete clarification of this unfortunate fact, which tarnishes life in democracy. We urge the entire leadership and the population to seek all the paths that lead to social peace,” said that statement.

To obtain the necessary number of senators to start the special session, the ruling party must have the presence of all its members, including Adolfo Rodríguez Saá from San Luis, who is recovering from the pneumonia that affected him two weeks ago but who has already notified their peers who will give the present on the premises.

In fact, two of the official party members, Sergio Leavy from Salta and Antonio Rodas from Chaco, will fly to Buenos Aires from Brazil, where they attended a Parlatino meeting, to establish the quorum.

They have already announced that the two senators from forces allied to the Frente de Todos will be part of the party: the missionary Magdalena Solari Quintana, from the Concordia Renovating Front, who today participated in the meeting of the Agreements Commission, and Alberto Weretilneck, from Rio Negro, from Together we are Rio Negro.

In fact, Weretilneck, who is at his home in Cipolletti, let it be known through his spokesmen that he was waiting for the call to travel immediately to the City of Buenos Aires.

Also confirmed was the attendance at the special session of the Justicialist from La Rioja, María Clara Vega, author of one of the draft declarations.

Last Saturday, and unlike what will happen this Thursday, the FdT and JxC held a joint session in which a draft resolution was approved to express the “strong repudiation of the assassination attempt against the vice president and twice president of the Nation , Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner” and urge “the entire leadership and the population to seek all the paths that lead to social peace.”

After voting on the resolution, the PRO block withdrew from the room to prevent a “very serious event” from being “used” with the aim of “assigning culprits and, much less, becoming a forum to attack the political opposition, the Power Judiciary and the media”, according to what Cristian Ritondo, head of the caucus, said at the time.

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