The sectors that would receive the most resources from the Budget in 2023

The sectors that would receive the most resources from the Budget in 2023

Greater resources for education, health and to promote employment, would be allocated in the General Budget of the Nation in 2023. This is clear from the draft that will be filed in the next legislature before the Third and Fourth Commissions of the Chamber and Senate, and that would be executed by the new president of the Republic.

(Sectors prioritized in the proposed budget for Bogotá in 2022).

It is expected that the Budget for next year is 344.9 billion pesos, that is, 1.5 percent less than what is available for this 2022.

The figures are preliminary and the final document could be subject to modifications.

According to calculations by EL TIEMPO, of the total of 344.9 billion pesos, 83.8 billion pesos are contemplated for debt service, a figure higher than the 71.7 billion that were held for that item during this anus.

By sectors, those that would have more resources in next year’s budget would be Education, with some 51.9 billion pesos, 5.1 percent more than in the current term; followed by Health, with 44.1 billion pesos (+ 5.4 percent); and the Labor category with 35.6 billion pesos (+2.5 percent).

(Duque sanctioned PGN 2022, with a change in the Guarantee Law included).

It must also be taken into account that some entities did not report their investment, so some items could increase in the face of the final project and that the calculations were made with an inflation figure lower than the 8.53 percent that arrived in March.

The fourth sector with the most resources in the draft for 2023 is Defense, with 29.3 billion pesos, which represents a drop of 1.7 percent compared to the current validity. It is followed by the Treasury category, with 18.1 billion pesos; Transportation, with 14.1 billion pesos; and that of the National Police, with 12.7 billion pesos.

(The extra resources with which the Government could improve its cash).

Behind is the Social Prosperity sector, with 12 billion pesos, 48 ​​percent less resources than this year. In the reported information, the Administrative Department for Social Prosperity would go from 13.1 to 2.3 billion pesos, that is, a drop of -81.7 percent. In addition, resources for the Historical Memory Center also fall, which includes 34,595 million pesos, 48 ​​percent less; and for the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), which would have 7.3 billion pesos, 6 percent less.

The Judicial Branch appears with 6 billion pesos; the Housing sector, with 4.9 billion pesos; that of Justice, with 3.8 billion pesos; and that of Minas, with 3.6 billion pesos. (If you want more information, click here).


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