The role of Colombia in the relationship between Venezuela and the United States

The role of Colombia in the relationship between Venezuela and the United States

The Colombian government of Gustavo Petro “andis helping in various ways” a mediate between Venezuela and the United States, said, this Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at the United Nations, Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva, present for the quarterly review of the Security Council of the peace process in Colombia.

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Upon leaving the Council, Leyva was asked about the possible mediating role of his country between the United States and Venezuela, taking advantage of the good relations of the Petro government with both countries, and he replied: “There are some talks that are taking place, about which there are reservations“, which he did not detail.

However, he suggested thatsooner rather than later there may be news“.

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Yes, he entered to enumerate the “tremendous progress” Achieved between your country and Venezuela: exchange of ambassadors, upcoming appointment of consuls and reactivation of trade in a legal manner.

Venezuela and the United States broke relations in January 2019, when the government of Donald Trump recognized Juan Guaidó as president.

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After the arrival of Joe Biden There was a certain thaw, but not the reestablishment of relations so far nor the withdrawal of recognition of Guaidó.

Álvaro Leyva, Colombian Foreign Minister.

Colombian Foreign Ministry

Regarding the celebration of the peace talks between the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army, he acknowledged that the date and place cannot yet be specified, but he did anticipate that “several countries want to participate, in addition to the traditional ones, and not only American, but also European“.

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That shows that we are on the right track; if not, there would not be so many customers“, he concluded between jokes.


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