The regime finally allows the visit of the daughter of the political prisoner Tamara Dávila

Daniel Ortega’s regime allowed the political prisoner Tamara Dávila to see her six-year-old daughter for the first time since she was arrested more than 15 months ago, during a visit to the prison of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance known as El Chipote, This Saturday, August 20. Given the police refusal to allow her little girl to visit, the prisoner of conscience had started a hunger strike on August 15.

The hunger strike was Dávila’s last alternative to demand that the El Chipote authorities comply with his right to be able to see his daughter, who always asks why she can’t hug her mother, her relatives said at a press conference. press on August 18.

The political royal began the deprivation of food, after the multiple efforts made by her relatives to allow her little daughter to visit her, were unsuccessful.

Ana Lucia Alvarez, Dávila’s sister, assured at the conference that “we have found an absolute refusal to communicate with the girl. As a family we have carried out various procedures both before the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, and before the corresponding judicial authorities. We have made requests orally at each visit, we have taken drawings of the girl to her mother and photos of her and the response has been that she ´is not authorized´”.

Seven judicial resources ignored by the regime

They introduced seven judicial resources to request the visit of the minor, but they have not had a response. Dávila has spent more than 430 days in complete isolation, without access to gynecological health, inadequate nutrition, which has caused the loss of more than 40 pounds. Going on a hunger strike for her daughter worried her family, who have only seen her nine times during the time she has been incarcerated.

Dávila’s daughter has suffered the forced separation of her mother, sentenced to eight years in prison by the regime’s justice for the alleged crime of conspiracy. During the press conference, Dávila’s relatives pointed out that the solitary confinement to which they have subjected her minor has also affected her.

During the press conference, Dávila’s relatives released a video in which they show the letters and drawings that the girl from the prisoner of conscience has made for her mother.

“Mom, I think of you every day, you are in my heart. When I see little birds and butterflies I remember you. I learned the letters to write your name. I don’t remember much about your face, but I do remember your loving green eyes. I want you to come back, come to the house, for us to be together. I want you to be released. I want to hug you, mom,” wrote the minor in one of the letters that the Ortega regime has not allowed to reach the hands of the political prisoner.

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