The recess is coming and they will form the Permanent Commission of Congress

The recess is coming and they will form the Permanent Commission of Congress

This December, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Paraguay (ASEPY) celebrates five years of institutional life and celebrates it with the campaign #remandojuntos that reflects the essence of the association and its goal of turning Paraguay into the best place to start a business.

David Caballero, president of ASEPY, recalled that in 2017 the organization was established with just 64 founding members and after five years, that number grew to more than 6,000. “The union was born with a clear objective: to make Paraguay the best place to undertake, where everyone, Regardless of their origin and reality, they have equal opportunities to start a project or company. We believe that entrepreneurship is a right, not a privilege, ”he said convinced.

As he expressed, ASEPY has been working with a main mission that is conquer, inspire and motivate all the actors of the economy with the causeeven, to those who have an opposite vision.

In socioeconomic terms, Caballero stressed that entrepreneurship is a key engine for the growth and development of countries. “In Paraguay, MSMEs represent 70% of the employed workforce and 97% of existing companiesin addition to contributing a significant percentage to the annual growth of GDP,” he said.

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In this context, the work of ASEPY stands out, due to the important strategies designed to support the growth of small and medium-sized companies. To date, it has more than 6,000 entrepreneurial partners, in 176 cities in 17 departments of the country.

Among its achievements are the training of more than 8,000 self-employed workers and 10 national and regional studies that provided data for taking positions, actions, and decisions. In addition, the advice and channeling of more than 6,000 million guaraníes of financing to MSMEs and entrepreneurs. Likewise, ASEPY supported the Factoring Law, which will allow better payment conditions for entrepreneurs and MSMEs. On the other hand, it achieved the enactment of the Simplified Stock Companies Law (EAS), which allows Register companies digitally, totally free and in 72 hours.

“We held more than 24 entrepreneur fairs in different cities, business rounds, advice to our partners in different areas, proposing new laws and creating communication campaigns, promoting strategic alliances and exclusive benefits for our partners throughout the country,” he said.

“For all this and much more, we are proud of our first five years, recharged with energy and much more strength and desire to continue building, from ASEPY, a better place to undertake”, concluded David Caballero.

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