The PSUV approves its code of honesty and broadcasts the act through the public media

The PSUV approves its code of honesty and broadcasts the act through the public media

The PSUV congress approved the revolutionary Code of Honesty, Discipline and Ethics, Nicolás Maduro and Diosdado Cabello were also re-elected as president and vice president of the red awning, as well as the other members of the partisan leadership. Maduro “counted” the votes with a single, shallow glance

Xavier Coscojuela

In a congress whose final day was broadcast by all public media, the congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela approved the new code of honesty, discipline and revolutionary ethics, with which they plan to put an early stop to any act of corruption that can be presented both in the partisan ranks and in government functions. They also ratified Nicolás Maduro and Diosdado Cabello, as president and vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, respectively.

The final words of the act were in charge of Maduro who, as Diosdado Cabello did previously, made a firm call for partisan unity and reminded all PSUV militants and leaders that discipline and loyalty are very important values ​​for they.

Maduro began his speech whistling, remembering that famous little bird that “appeared” to him when he was a presidential candidate for the first time. He felt an energy full of love that flowed from the comrades gathered at the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, and he thanked them for having re-elected him as partisan president, reiterating that they are heading for 2030, he never clarified if there is an election pending in 2024.

Maduro asked if there was anyone willing to explain what the code they were about to approve consisted of and a leader from Anzoátegui took the floor, but the president of the PSUV did not like the “speech” tone that he began using and interrupted him. “We recognize in you the leader who has taken us to a safe port”, a new tone that, apparently, pleased the recipient of it, who did not cut off his speech.

The spontaneous delegate was not given a chance to explain the Code, a task assumed by Maduro who specified that it has two components: education and the punitive part. Apparently he also gives options to those who rectify, but he immediately changed the tone of his words and equated the corrupt with the traitor. “Sometimes there are crouching traitors and they are ready to stab Maduro, they are crouched and they are polishing the dagger to stab Maduro. They say they are chavistas, not maduristas, we are the true chavistas, we are not traitors. We are the ones who are in front. A good listener few words”.

The “new” management team

Maduro announced who will make up the national leadership of the PSUV, as well as those who will make up the National Political Council. The first name put to the consideration of the delegates was that of Diosdado Cabello, with a lapse of two seconds between the proposal and Maduro’s affirmation that he was elected unanimously. There were supposedly two thousand delegates at the congress.

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Then he announced the other names that would make up the national leadership, if they received the vote of those present. On this occasion, she assured that they had been chosen by acclamation and the time between her announcing the last name and saying that they had been chosen was 3 seconds. There was no rejection, no questioning. It is the democracy of the PSUV.

The “chosen ones” were: Diosdado Cabello, Cilia Flores, Jorge Rodríguez, Delcy Rodríguez, Héctor Rodríguez, Adán Chávez, Jorge Arreaza, Eduardo Piñate, Carmen Meléndez, León Heredia, Pedro Carreño, Pedro Infante, Freddy Bernal, Iris Varela, Víctor Clark , Yelitse Santaella, Francisco Ameliach, Luis José Marcano, Nicolás Maduro Guerra, Erika Faría, Blanca Eckhout, Robexa Poleo, Mervin Maldonado, Diva Guzmán, Tania Díaz, Yeison Guzmán, José Alejandro Terán, Rander Peña, Gabriela Peña, Antonio Galíndez, Jesús Faría, Fidel Vásquez, Ricardo Molina, Alexis Rodríguez Cabello, Jaqueline Faria, Julio Chávez, Francisco Torrealba, Nahoun Fernández.

The National Political Council will be chaired by Luis Reyes Reyes, who will be accompanied by María León, Nohelí Pocaterra, María Cristina Iglesias, Marelis Pérez, Rodolfo Sanz, Julio Escalona, ​​Edgardo Ramírez, William Fariñas, Fernando Soto Rojas, Ramón Rodríguez Chacín, Ernesto Villegas, Francisco Arias Cárdenas, Farruco Sesto, Gerardo Márquez, José Gregorio Vielma Mora, Nelson Merentes, Isis Ochoa, Mayerlin Arias, Hugbel Roa, Desiré Santos Amaral, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, Jesús Martínez Barrios.

All of them were elected by acclamation according to the “eye” that Maduro gave to the plenary. She was also appointed, or chosen, by Maduro as General Secretary of the PSUV Youth Grecia Colmenares, whose name reminded him of a soap opera from many years ago. This was the only moment where the version given by the president of the PSUV was questioned by the grassroots, who assured him that the song he was humming was not the one from the telenovela Topacio but from Leonela’s. Maduro, democratically, accepted what they pointed out to him.

the three mafias

Continuing with his “fight” against corruption, he said that there were three mafias that he was going to defeat. The one from the hospitals, which steals the medicines that are for the people. The gasoline company, which was made up of a mayor who was imprisoned and the investigation would have proven that he had links with drug traffickers. Not a word about the fact that the military has controlled the distribution of gasoline since rationing was imposed.

The third mafia is that of scrap metal. “How do things like this arise, and suddenly you have information here and there, and we are going to hit the junk mafia in the neck”, announcing that the person responsible for confronting this mafia is Vice President Delcy Rodríguez. By the way, she said that the partisan code also served to confront the mafias.

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