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The Prosecutor’s Office summons the first lady of Peru for alleged influence peddling


“The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office summons the first lady, Lilia Paredes, to testify in the framework of the investigation for the alleged influence peddling against her sister, Yenifer Paredes, for July 8,” the prosecution said in Twitter.

The public ministry also summoned Yenifer Paredes and construction businessman Jhony Espino for next week, after a Sunday television program stated that both were offering sanitation works in a town in Cajamarca, the northern region of Peru from where is the president and his family.

“This summons has been arranged after this prosecutor’s office found during the document production procedure, carried out [el martes] to the Government Palace visitor’s book, the record of a meeting between Jhony Espino, representative of JJM Espino Engineering, and the first lady, “added the prosecution.

The program Cuarto Poder showed a video, recorded in September 2021, in which Yenifer Paredes and Espino are seen in a meeting with the residents during which they allegedly talk about the sanitation works.

Espino has visited the Government Palace five times during Castillo’s administration, which began almost a year ago, according to the State transparency portal.

On May 13, the first lady appeared before the prosecution for another case of alleged corruption that affects the president, an occasion in which she accepted her right to remain silent.

In addition, on June 17, Castillo testified for four hours before a prosecutor who is investigating him for alleged influence peddling, criminal organization and aggravated collusion, for a case involving two nephews and two former trusted officials.

The entrance The Prosecutor’s Office summons the first lady of Peru for alleged influence peddling was first published in diary TODAY.

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