The Prosecutor’s Office requests high sentences against the Ancalaf brothers for the crime against Sergeant Benavides de Carabineros

The Prosecutor's Office requests high sentences against the Ancalaf brothers for the crime against Sergeant Benavides de Carabineros

The High Complexity Prosecutor’s Office requested harsh sentences for the Ancalaf brothers after closing the investigation of the crime to the Carabineros sergeant, Francis Benavideswho died after an ambush in the town of Collipulli, La Araucanía region.

The prosecution points to the brothers Matthias Y Heriberto Ancalaf, who are in pretrial detention. The other defendant is Rodrigo Calabranofugitive from justice.

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the regional prosecutor, Robert Garridospecified in Cooperative Radio that several crimes are presented in the indictment. “The most serious of them corresponds to the homicide of Sergeant Benavides, but other crimes were also charged, such as frustrated homicide to Carabineros, unjustified shooting, illegal possession of firearms and even, with respect to one of the accused, there is a crime of sexual abuse. “, he detailed.

“The sentences that the Public Ministry has requested are quite serious sentences. For the most important fact, which corresponds precisely to the murder of Sergeant Benavides, the Prosecutor’s Office is requesting, in relation to one of the defendants, qualified life imprisonment and, in respect of the other defendant, sentence of 20 years in prison,” he added.

In addition, he argued that “for the rest of the crimes, which total six criminal acts, the Prosecutor’s Office is requesting sentences of around 30 years of imprisonment in addition to the penalties for the proposed homicide.”

Regarding the evidence found, Garrido indicated that “the imputation of the Public Ministry is based on expert evidence, documents, material evidence, we have offered 120 witnesses in this case, almost 20 experts in different areas and a significant number of documentary means and material evidence that They were raised from the work carried out by the expert teams at the scene of the event and afterwards”.

The prosecutor stated that by having the accusation, it should give rise to the hearing to prepare the oral trial and the subsequent oral trial against the accused.

Sergeant Benavides, who was married and the father of three children, received a bullet in the chest area where the bulletproof vest did not cover him, when he was clearing the route in the San Andrés interior road sector, in Collipulli, since strangers had it blocked with tree trunks.

The Ancalaf brothers were arrested in a police operation on October 6, and since then they have been in preventive detention.

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