Artisanal miners are attacked in Caravelí (VIDEO)

The Prosecutor’s Office delays in collecting the 7 bodies in the mining center in Atico

The mayor of the Atico district, Milton Medina, told Correo that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police they take time to pick up found yesterday between the hills, in the Huanaquita ravine, as a result of the confrontation that took place last week between the artisanal miners.

According to the mayor, this fact was one of the triggers for the miners to block the Panamericana Sur of Arequipa. “They don’t have to go looking for the corpses, the miners from Mina Callpa have already found them, therefore, they have to collect them, it’s a human act, they can’t say that there is a lack of personnel”said.

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There are 14 deaths in the Callpa Renace mining center in the district of Atico in the province of Caravelí, because yesterday 8 more bodies were found abandoned in a ravine

However, the prosecutor María del Rosario Lozada argued that in Caravelí there is no specialized criminalistics staffhomicide personnel, or experts to collect the bodies, because it is a criminal act.

He told RPP that the bodies will be collected todayafter the arrival of the Criminalistics and High Mountain personnel who traveled from Arequipa, considering that the mining camp is an inaccessible area.

It should be remembered that the prosecution is investigating the case, where to date there were 14 deaths and 31 detainees, product of the confrontation of artisanal miners for the exploitation of resources in the district of Acari.


Mayor Milton Medina reported that the conflict arose since 2020, when the concessionaire Intigol Mining gave the extraction right through a contract to the miners of Callpa Renace, before 2020, in exchange for the payment of 40% of the royalties. Subsequently, the concessionaire requested an increase, a fact that was denied by the workers.

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In response to this negative stance, in the year 2020 Intigold Mining called the miners of Mina Kallpa or Atico Kallpa to extract the gold within their concessions, but this decision caused both organizations, both Callpa Renace and Atico Kallpa start a dispute and act with violence in order to evict.

However, the miners point out that the people who attacked with long-range weapons would have been contracted by the dealer Intigold Mining, although this fact will be clarified with the investigation of the Caravelí Criminal Prosecutor’s Office.

Are 6 Organized Crime prosecutors from Arequipa, 5 from Lima and 10 common prosecutors from Arequipto, who collaborate in the case because the June 12 is the deadline for that they requested before the Judiciary.

After this date, the preliminary arrest of the 31 detainees or part of them will be requested.

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