The Prosecutor's Office analyzes four complaints against the 52-year-old university leader, Max Mendoza

The Prosecutor’s Office analyzes four complaints against the 52-year-old university leader, Max Mendoza

The State Attorney General, Juan Lanchipa, reported this Thursday that there are four complaints against the President of the Bolivian University Confederation (CUB), Max Fernando Mendoza Parra (52).

The representative of the student body of the higher education houses is accused of the alleged commission of the crimes of illicit enrichment, uneconomic conduct, embezzlement, improper use of influence, benefits by reason of positionimproper use of influence, usurpation of functions, contracts harmful to the state, illegitimate contributions and benefits of the public servant, improper use of public goods and services.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) a teacher from the Universidad de Mayor de San Andrés filed a complaint against Mr. Max Mendoza, in addition to has three other complaints that are being analyzed for admission to the La Paz Departmental Prosecutor’s Office”, explained the head of the Public Ministry.

According to the complaints received against Max Mendoza, they were filed by the Deputy, Héctor Arce, citizens Daniel SB, Edwin RU and Weimar FQRthese four are being analyzed in the La Paz Departmental Prosecutor’s Office.

In addition, Lanchipa confirmed that the Public Ministry received a formal complaint against the Rector of the Universidad Mayor Real y Pontificia de San Francisco Xavier of Chuquisaca, by former leaders of the Single Local Federation (FUL), which was admitted and the investigation process will begin for the crimes denounced as the crime of illegal appointments.

There are many questions against Mendoza, for his extended stay at the University and for receiving a salary of more than 21,000 bolivianosby integrating the presidium of the Executive Committee of the Bolivian University (CEUB).

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