The previous question presented to annul the process of Pedro Castillo was evaluated

The previous question presented to annul the process of Pedro Castillo was evaluated

This morning the preliminary question hearing requested by the defense of dto annul the criminal process that weighs on the ex-president for the crimes of rebellion and conspiracy before the failed coup d’état that Castillo tried to carry out on December 7.

The defense of the former head of state, Eduardo, argued that there was no political pretrial nor was he given a right to defense during the vacancy process carried out in Congress before the announcement of the closure of parliament.

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Castillo Terrones intervened during the hearing and claimed that he agreed with the arguments of his lawyer, Eduardo Pachas, and added “I have not had a political trial, I have not waived this constitutional right to a political trial and my right to defense and evidence has been violated by this constitutional Congress, I must conclude by telling you, Mr. Judge, why do I have to flee the country? Why would I have to leave the country? Where is the evidence that I want to leave?

In addition, he denied that he wanted to flee the country, despite the fact that the request was public and reaffirmed by the Mexican embassy. “I have not killed, I have not stolen and I have not raped anyone, if I have to give an account, in all honesty, I will always do so here in my country, I have never even had the slightest idea of ​​leaving this country, because I have been assuming the most important and most sacred mandate that this town has given me as president of the Republic”, said the former president.


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