The President will lead the meeting of the Federal Waterway Council

The President will lead the meeting of the Federal Waterway Council

The Federal Waterway Council meets this Friday. Photo: Télam archive

President Alberto Fernández will lead this Friday the meeting of the Federal Council of the Waterway, where the issues addressed in the last meeting held in Chaco on June 24 will continue.

The meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. at Casa Rosada, official sources reported.

On that occasion in the northern province, the governors present agreed to raise to the Nation a unified request for the inclusion of the provinces of Nea and Canal Magdalena to the main waterway.

This implies reformulate the decree that gives the transitory concession to the General Administration of Ports, to be able to execute new works, since it only enables it to carry out maintenance tasks.

These works range from port accesses to the expansion of the limits of the main waterway to reach Chaco, Corrientes, Formosa and Misiones and include the Magdalena channel.

The request submitted to the Presidency thus seeks to promote a plan for beaconing, signaling and dredging works for the main waterway, together with the secondary waterways and their respective accesses.

“We intend to strengthen the river ports of our provinces to strengthen the development of our regional economies in order to have integrated logistics with a competitive base,” said the governor of Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, on that occasion.

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