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The President, the Vice President and leaders of various sectors greeted the New Year

The President, the Vice President and leaders of various sectors greeted the New Year

Photo: Presidency.

President Alberto FernandezVice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, officials, governors and political figures from different sectors today greeted Argentines for the New Year with messages that they spread on their social networks and asked for good wishes for 2023.

“So that the pride of being Argentines takes us higher and higher and we can fulfill all our dreams with unity, joy and perseverance. Congratulations to all of us!”, said the head of state on his Twitter account.

In his publication, the president shared a photo in which he is seen signing an Argentine flag and stressed that “this year will be, forever, the year in which we become world champions.”

“May the beauty of that collective joy, and the love and admiration for that team that conquered our hearts, fill the spirit of the year that is beginning,” Fernández stressed.

The vice president, for her part, expressed her wish for Argentines to have a 2023 “with work, health and, above all, with many dreams to fulfill.”

Fernandez de Kirchner accompanied his publication with four photographs taken during the massive celebrations for the victory of the Argentine team in the Qatar 2022 Men’s Soccer World Championship and added that “a year ends in which once again the Argentines went through, with great effort, great difficulties”.

“It was a year marked by painful events, which closed with an unforgettable collective joy. I choose to keep that wonderful image of the Argentine people, celebrating in peace in the streets,” the vice president completed her message.

The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedrowrote on his Twitter account that “as in the World Cup, we choose to believe in Argentina and in ourselves. Happy 2023, compatriots.”

The official shared a video where he called to rethink the phrase: “Argentina, what a shitty country” for “Shit. What a country!”, by recognizing some of the greatest national achievements, including football.

“I don’t know the filmmakers, but I think it reflects very well what the vast majority of Argentines feel for our country,” De Pedro stressed when replicating the video.

The Chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzurexpressed his desire that “this 2023 find us united and in peace, working for that country we dream of” and accompanied his message with a short video that shows highlights of his management.

“After a year of great efforts, Argentina consolidates its growth. From the Government we will continue implementing the actions that are necessary, so that more Argentines and Argentines live better,” Manzur stressed.

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel KiciloffFor his part, he stressed that “we ended a year with many emotions and with all the strength for the challenges that await us in 2023”.

“Congratulations to all the people of Buenos Aires. Let’s continue building the future we deserve!” remarked the provincial president using the hashtag #DerechoalFuturo.

For his part, the governor of La Pampa, Sergio Zilottocalled for this coming year to “renew our hopes and commitment to continue working for a province that continues to grow” and “offering opportunities to each and every pampean.”

The message was accompanied by a video where the provincial president called for 2023 to consolidate us “through union and peace, feeling the pride of being part of a province that works to make dreams come true.”

The Governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintelahighlighted “one more year living this beautiful Tinkunaco, such a significant and valuable meeting for the people of La Rioja” and accompanied his message with photographs of that popular ceremony.

The Minister of Social Development, Victoria Toulouse PeaceFor his part, he said goodbye to 2022 with the hope that in 2023 “hugs and the conviction to transform Argentina prevail” and replicated a video where he called to “continue ratifying our enormous conviction to transform Argentina.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, santiago maggiottihe wished a “happy 2023” on his social networks and proposed “starting a different year”, where “desire as an engine of personal and professional work leads us to fight for the dreams that we want to achieve so much”.

“In a team and accompanied by a present State, reaching our goals is possible,” he said.

The president of the Argentine Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance, White Helmets, Sabina Frederickshared a photograph with the members of the organization toasting “so that 2023 finds us working with the professionalism and seriousness that distinguish our country in the world.”

For her part, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Cecilia Moreauurged on his social networks that in this 2023 “the role of Justice and those who comprise it be debated, for the benefit of the common good and the values ​​of our country.”

“It is necessary to strengthen the Argentine judicial system so that Justice ceases to be unpunished and that the full exercise of duties and rights in society as a whole is respected,” said the legislator.

And he recalled that “a Justice with impunity and without popular control can only unfairly persecute some and benefit, as appropriate, a few others.”

The president of PRO, Patricia BullrichFor her part, she anticipated that in this 2023 “change comes with force” and shared a video where she can be seen on the different tours she took this year while listening to people encourage in the background: “She feels, she feels Patricia President”.

The head of the radical bloc of the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Negriexpressed his wishes for a “Happy 2023” and remarked: “Let’s toast to more work, more peace and more freedom.”

In turn, the national deputy and head of the Civic Collation, Maximilian Ferraromaintained that “a difficult year is leaving, with much anguish and general uncertainty” that also “had its moments of joy” that will “remain in the memory of all of us” for many more years.

“May the coming year be, perhaps, less memorable but more stable, that it brings a more lasting prosperity, the same collective effort, the possibility of putting aside differences and the ability to work together to change the course of our history. Happy 2023”, he completed.

The two-time national deputy for the Left Front and the Workers, Nestor Pitrolawrote on his Twitter account: “In this 2023 we will make our commitment to ‘war against imperialist war’ stronger than ever, to fight for an Argentina of the workers, for a world without oppressors and oppressed, for socialism.”

On the other hand, the deputy of Libertad Avanza, javier mileihe wished a “Happy 2023” with a video where he assured that “the first stage of national arming” has already been completed in all the provinces and that “now we are going for a truly liberal Argentina” facing the next presidential elections.

Likewise, the deputy of Avanza Libertad, Jose Luis Espertwished a “Happy 2023” and called to toast “for the ideas of freedom and for the country that Argentines deserve.”

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