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“The President of the Republic is committing State terrorism”

President Mario Abdo Benítez was unable to pronounce a word correctly during his speech at the University of Florida in Miami. He tried to ‘get out’ on the third try, mentioning it correctly between laughs.

The president delivered his speech this morning during a meeting organized by the Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom at Florida International University.

In his speech, he indicated that one of his objectives was to make our country visible to the other nations of the world, since many do not know or do not locate Paraguay.

“Many do not know his ponte (…) pute (…) to the pu (…) his potential,” he said with a laugh. After achieving composure, he continued pointing out that the opportunities of our country, as a strategic ally for competitive production, are not known either.

“The pandemic interrupted a lot of visibility that the President of the Republic could have had talking about his country in the world,” he said.

At another point, he mentioned the achievements made during his administration in the fight against organized crime, such as the largest operation against cocaine trafficking and a network of companies dedicated to money laundering, which involved politicians and religious leaders.

“These results are possible if the political will intervenes, which in other governments was not as clear,” he said.

In turn, he pointed out that Paraguay was one of the first countries in the Southern Cone to repudiate the Russian invasion of Ukraine, despite the fact that Russia is the second most important meat market for Paraguay.

He also cited the rupture of diplomatic relations with Venezuela, by declaring the illegality of the electoral process that led to a re-election of Nicolás Maduro.

“As the years have passed we realize that there are fewer voices we hear in defense of freedom and democracy,” he lamented.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the return of the head of state to the country is scheduled for Saturday, September 24, at a time to be confirmed, reported from the Presidency of the Republic.

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