The post-lie of the MAS

July 7, 2022, 4:00 AM

July 7, 2022, 4:00 AM

In good romance, post-truth should be called; more precisely, the post-lie.

Indeed, “for some authors, post-truth is simply a lie (falsehood) or fraud concealed in an expression that would hide traditional political propaganda, or the use of public relations as an instrument of media manipulation” (Wikipedia).

The Royal Spanish Academy defines post-truth as: “Deliberate distortion of a reality, which manipulates beliefs and emotions in order to influence public opinion and social attitudes. Demagogues are masters of post-truth.”

And that is exactly what the MAS has done with the 2019 mega-fraud, wanting to fool us with its post-lie, since we ourselves lived the story in the first person, nobody told us, a true insult to the intelligence of Bolivians.

The 2019 mega fraud was initially discovered by popular intelligence and its civil institutions. The people took to the streets en masse, in all the cities of the republic. The protests through social networks and all the multimedia were massive (ae.com).

Subsequently, the 2019 fraud was corroborated by the OAS, an institution that was invited by the Plurinational State, to monitor the elections. To this end, an agreement was signed on 05-17-19 in the Casa Grande del Pueblo, with the participation of the President of the State, Evo Morales Ayma, the Vice President Álvaro García Linera, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diego Pary, and the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro (chancellery.gob.bo).

Evo Morales himself, in a tacit acknowledgment of the mega fraud, resolves to annul the elections, renew the entire TSE and call for new elections (fides 11-10-19). This is the irrefutable proof of the mega fraud, that the intellectual actor and beneficiary himself explicitly recognizes it. What other proof is needed? as the lawyers say: to confession of part relay of evidence.

The idea of ​​this post-lie did not come from Evo Morales, nor from the MAS; who were already resigned and hidden, emerged from the Forum of San Pablo/Grupo de Puebla, which during their stay in Mexico reproached them for their cowardly flight, having lost one of the most important bastions on the continent. They could not lose one of their main sources of financing, the Chapare, the goose that lays the golden eggs.

The San Pablo Forum/Puebla Group began to move all its chips, especially its great power in the international media. One of the first attacks of his post-lie was the publication in The New York Times of an article written by María Silvia Trigo and Anatoly Kurmanaev, on 06/09/20, entitled: A bitter election. Fraud allegations. And now for a reconsideration (nyt07-02-20). From then on, the entire communist pack began a frantic campaign to fix this brutal deception on national and international public opinion.

Electoral fraud is the greatest violation of the popular will, as such it should have the maximum penalty: the cancellation of the party acronym and the imprisonment of its material and intellectual actors.

But this post-lie will not change the historical reality, no matter how much its justice condemns the former Constitutional President Jeanine Añez, for a coup that did not exist, as corroborated by institutions of the weight of the UN, the OAS, the European Community, 23 former presidents ( ac 10-06-22) and others. I believe more in these institutions than in the corrupt and politicized justice of the MAS.

The popular slogan is already coined: there was fraud, there was no coup, and it will remain forever.

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