The population of Yauli distrusts the Chinese company and the Regional Government of Huancavelica

The population of Yauli distrusts the Chinese company and the Regional Government of Huancavelica

Mistrust is what both the Chinese company and the Regional Government of Huancavelica have been generating in the population of Yauli.

This was announced by the vice president of the fight committee of the Yauli district, Nahum De la Cruz Quispe, who said that there is no trust in both.

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“The population does not trust anyone, neither the Regional Government (of Huancavelica) nor the Chinese company, the Regional Government, practically, having the power to solve the problem, has not been interested, they began to minimize us, the company We have seen China, it is assumed that they did not have logistical equipment, I do not know how the Peruvian State guarantees these companies, which apparently do not have a single sol in their pocket, they easily give them advance materials, and with that they calmly work with the money from the people, the population does not trust any of them,” he said.

It should be noted that the company promised to bring the machinery in three blocks, one should arrive on Tuesday, another on Wednesday and a final one on Thursday.

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“If they do not comply with that, we have the decision to terminate the contract,” Nahum said, before the arrival of part of the machinery.

Regarding the possible lack of budget, he affirmed that 16 million soles were given to the company, and that the budget would be assured for next year.

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vigil. The news spread on social media that they had kidnapped two workers from the Chinese company, which was denied by the leader.

Upon reaching Yauli, we did see a group of the population gathered in the square holding a vigil, and no one was detained.

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Nahum De la Cruz stated that indeed the two company workers did spend the night in the square with the population, however, he reaffirmed that it was of their own free will.

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