El papa alaba la alegría sencilla y auténtica que ofrecen los feriantes

The Pope praises the simple and authentic joy offered by the fairgrounds

Vatican City, (EFE).- The Pope today praised the authentic and simple joy offered by the fairgrounds in their amusement parks and fairs, and “not that of the artificial and conformist models that circulate in the media”, by receive in the Vatican an Italian association of these professionals.

Francisco recalled the problems caused by the pandemic that the fairgrounds have suffered, who have finally been able to resume work: “With your attractions in towns and cities, you offer children and adults moments of joy, distracting them a little from the worries of everyday life” , said.

“The joy of a child on the merry-go-round is an image of clean joy that belongs to the memory of all families,” he said.

And he added: «The sense of joy and celebration that you spread arises from creativity and imagination, not from artificial and conformist models that circulate in the media; it is nourished not by the search for always new sensations, but by simplicity».

In addition, he encouraged the fairgrounds to continue with their itinerant work. «In a world where a gray and heavy climate is often breathed, you remind us that the path to happiness is simplicity; and also a form of fun in the open air and in company », he told them.

This “is the opposite of what we see more and more often today, everyone only with their mobile or their computer,” he explained.

Fairs and amusement parks “invite people to go out, to meet in the square, to have fun together,” he said.

“I thank you. And I thank you because, after all, you remind us that we are not made only for work, but also for the party, and God is pleased when we celebrate together as brothers in simplicity,” added the pontiff.

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