The poor state of the border crossing, at Km 0, between Bolivia and Brazil is worrying

The poor state of the border crossing, at Km 0, between Bolivia and Brazil is worrying

Drivers, neighbors and passers-by at the border crossing, at Km 0, between Brazil and Bolivia complain about the bad state of the road.

In the community of San Juan de Corralito, on the border with Brazil, the road section is in a terrible state, since a stream of water that comes down from La Curicha passes through the sector, which has caused the embankment of the highway at the entrance to Bolivia to be in danger of falling, in addition to broken concrete handles, and a huge hole to The root of soil erosion causes drivers who travel through the place to have many difficulties.

The Bolivian and Brazilian carriers and drivers who pass through the border section expressed their complaints to El Deber due to the carelessness of those in charge of guarding the road. To this is added the 7 kilometers of highway that connects San Matías with San Juan de Corralito, which in several sections is in poor condition.

The drivers’ claim was addressed to the authorities of the national government and to ABC, responsible for the roads.

The poor condition of this stretch of road is of concern. a few days before the twinning event between the two border countries and for which more than 200 cyclists from Brazil will arrive in Cicloturismo 2022, an event in which they will travel 350 km from Cuiabá to San Matías.

This important event is scheduled for June 26, 2022.

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