The police will investigate the death of the singer

The police will investigate the death of the singer

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The Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) of La Paz will investigate the death of Jessy Román, the 25-year-old singer who was found dead in her apartment last Wednesday.

“The authorities told me that they will go step by step (…). On Monday they will go to the Prosecutor’s Office and begin the investigations. They told me that I must be patient,” said Victoria Cruz, the singer’s mother. She added that the Police will carry out the respective investigation.

The woman filed the complaint with the Public Ministry and recalled that before appearing dead her daughter had a fight with her boyfriend over the weekend. She reported that after the discussion, he kept the young woman’s cell phone, and Jessy also preferred to leave her apartment and be with her mother.

The next day, the young woman made an appointment with her partner at his apartment and the mother never saw her alive again. She does not believe that her daughter would have taken her own life of her own free will. “I don’t know who it will be (Jessy’s killer), but I ask that he appear. It is impossible that she would have attempted on her life,” she said. She requested help from the authorities to investigate the case.

In addition to being a presenter, the young woman was a singer and director of a music group that toured in La Paz. She was studying psychology.

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