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The ‘Perseverancia’ travels again to the Isle of Youth, but is still in the phase of "proof"

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The 'Perseverancia' travels again to the Isle of Youth, but is still in the phase of "proof"

the ferry Perseverance, which will connect the Isla de la Juventud with the port of Batabanó (Mayabeque), made another “commercial test” trip on Thursday night. Although the vessel is expected to sail more times under the supervision of the authorities before operating normally, the official press referred to the journey as “an old dream come true.”

cubadebate detailed that operational aspects were evaluated, such as the boarding times of passengers and rolled cargo, the cleanliness of the ship, the preparation of the ferry for its return and how long it takes people to check-in.

On July 7, another trip of the ship was made with few personnel and cargo. That first first “technical journey” was inspected by the Minister of Transportation, Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila.

The journey of Perseverance It is 104 kilometers, with an estimated duration of five hours, although Rodríguez explained that the process can exceed 12 hours, if the preparation process for the return of the ferry is included. At the moment, the Government has not defined the price of the tickets or the schedules.

The journey of ‘Perseverancia’ is 104 kilometers, with an estimated duration of five hours

He Perseverance it was announced in July 2022 as the salvation for Cubans who reside in the special municipality and need to move to the Island, since basically the exit route is through old catamarans, of which users complained about the deplorable conditions in which they are.

Another option for transportation is a Cubana de Aviación flight between Havana and the Isle of Youth. The state airline announced last June the reactivation of this operation temporarily, until October 28, with four weekly frequencies. Although this alternative is much more favorable because the duration of the flight is 30 minutes, Cubans regret that the price of the ticket, 300 pesos each way, is inaccessible to the majority.

Aerogaviota, owned by the military conglomerate Gaesa, also activated its connection between Havana and Nueva Gerona to take advantage, as it announced, of the demand for transportation during the summer and the “need” to turn the special municipality into a destination for rural and nature tourism.

In addition, the airline inaugurated this Friday its flight to Cayo Largo del Sur, operated on an ATR 42/500 aircraft, with capacity for 44 seats. The Ministry of Tourism detailed that the route will have four weekly frequencies, on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The commercialization is in charge of the Cubatur agency, who explained that the payment is made only by electronic means and in dollars. In its Catalogue, the company details that only one trip has a cost of 65 dollars and the round trip of 130 dollars. Likewise, children under two years of age do not pay a ticket, while those over 2 years of age must pay the same as an adult.

Cubatur explained that the departure of the flight will take place at the Playa Baracoa Airport, in Guantánamo, or at the José Martí International Airport, in Havana. Each passenger is allowed one hand luggage of five kilograms and one in the hold of 20.


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