The perpetrators of the destruction at the Cochabamba Prosecutor's Office are sentenced to three years in prison

The perpetrators of the destruction at the Cochabamba Prosecutor’s Office are sentenced to three years in prison

December 30, 2022, 18:57 PM

December 30, 2022, 18:57 PM

The Public Ministry reported that five people were sentenced to three years in prison accused of destroying the Prosecutor’s Office building in Cochabamba. The events were recorded on Wednesday night, after learning about the apprehension of the governor of Santa Cruz Luis Fernando Camacho.

The Departmental Prosecutor of Cochabamba, Nuria Gonzáles Romero, reported that in an abbreviated procedure hearing, the Public Ministry demonstrated with compelling evidence that Marco, 55 years old, José, 30 years old, Pamela, 30 years old, Rebeca, 30 years old and Susana LM, 40 years oldare perpetrators of the crime of destruction or deterioration of State assets and national wealth. The Investigating Court No. 4 of the capital handed down a three-year condemnatory sentence in the San Sebastián prison.

“We presented all the evidence that was collected in the investigation, including witness statements, images from security cameras, in addition, the five detainees admitted their guilt and took advantage of an abbreviated procedure, for which they were sentenced.. Alsothe investigation was extended against two more people who were identified through security camerasGonzales said.

The prosecutor for the commission of the case, Marcelo Villarroel, pointed out that the event was recorded on December 28 at around 9:00 p.m., at the Cochabamba Departmental Prosecutor’s Office. A mob of demonstrators protesting the apprehension of the Governor of Santa Cruz came to the place and stones were thrown at the glass door which shattered on impact. They also ignited tires, managing to damage the bars of the front door.

Given the fact, a police contingent arrived at the Prosecutor’s Office to disperse to the demonstrators who refused to leave the place, for which they were apprehended and transferred to police cells.

Currently, Governor Luis Fernando Camacho is in preventive detention in the Chonchocoro prison, by order of the Criminal Investigation Judge, Sergio Pacheco, accused as one of the main perpetrators of the Terrorism I case.

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