The people of San Agustín shouted the slogan: Uh, Ah, Maduro is not leaving!

with the slogan “Uh, Ah, Maduro is not leaving!”the Venezuelan people of the San Agustín de Caracas parish, overflowed its streets with joy, love and support for the constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic, Nicolas Maduro Moros, his government and the Bolivarian Revolution, in a popular march and rally organized by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

The first vice president of the PSUV, God given hair, together with members of the National Directorate, he shared with the leaders, popular spokespersons and the people in general with whom he discussed the problems and their solutions, and the guidelines to confront the shameless right-wing leadership that requested sanctions and is now seeking votes.

The people of San Agustín shouted their slogan: Uh, Ah, Maduro is not leaving!
The people of San Agustín shouted their slogan: Uh, Ah, Maduro is not leaving!

Cabello recalled that figures from the world right who collaborated with the attacks in recent years, such as certain foreign singers, including Luis Fonsi, who denigrated the Government and the Bolivarian Revolution, now seek to visit the country to continue profiting from their commercialized concerts.

“After he called for invasions against Venezuela, who participated there in Colombia in that concert to force the invasion of the country, if he were ashamed, a little ashamed, a minimum amount of shame, he would never think of coming to Venezuela, because they said they were not coming to Venezuela until the dictator Nicolás Maduro left. Well, I am going to tell him: who you call a dictator is the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and he is not leaving, and he is not leaving”, he addressed his message to the international singer, while hundreds of throats completed the slogan amid popular euphoria.

“Now they want to come and sing in Venezuela, they are not ashamed, they are not the least bit ashamed, they are the immoral who go anywhere for money, because with a concert in Venezuela they have to do 10 in the United States, because there they are slaves, here with just one, they come to steal the money from Venezuelans.”

Cabello thanked the entire town for the emotional welcome and warm hugs and asked to be aware of the right-wing leaders who also rejoiced over the sanctions that affected the entire town while they enjoyed the stolen money.

“We have to remind them, with arguments: look brother, you asked for a blockade, sanctions, don’t dress, you’re not going. To those who want to be candidates, we convert these dates that are coming to strengthen us, because if the right wing could, it would be eliminating us one by one, and I am not speaking for myself, I am on all the lists, I am not worried about that, really at this point in the party, I am speaking of the people, of what they are capable of doing to the people, that is why we prefer a thousand times that they attack us than that they attack the people.”

He recalled that Commander Chávez was happy to be among ordinary people, and that feeling beats in his heart because he feels the will and good faith of a brave and noble people in the face of injustices and difficulties.

“And we will be next to the people, with the people, even if they are not right, because the people have been mistreated, they have been persecuted by those people historically.”



The entrance The people of San Agustín shouted the slogan: Uh, Ah, Maduro is not leaving! was first published on Venezuelan Television.

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