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The people are aware of the defense of peace

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The people are aware of the defense of peace

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) continues to hold mass events in towns in Venezuela.

In the last hours there were mobilizations in Anzoátegui, Bolívar, Yaracuy, Falcón and Miranda, whose images were tweeted by President Nicolás Maduro who urged the people to keep me mobilized, according to his words.

“The people of El Viñedo in Anzoátegui also expressed their strong support for Nicolás Maduro and rejection of the sanctions and coercive measures of the United States against the
Venezuelans”, reads the PSUV twitter site.

Also in Anzoátegui, but this time in The Tigerthere was a mobilization of the red militancy, informed the governor of Anzoátegui, Luis José Marcano.

Meanwhile, supporters of Chavismo mobilized through the streets of Caicara del Orinoco, Cedeño municipality, Bolívar and Guárico border. “We came to meet our militancy that goes out into the streets and sends infinite blessings to continue protecting our people,” wrote the governor of Bolívar, Ángel Marcano, alluding to President Nicolás Maduro.

In Miranda, mobilizations were carried out in Mamporal and Ocumare del Tuy, according to images posted on the PSUV social networks. “Extraordinary act, colorful, emotional and joyful with the revolutionary force of the Buroz municipality,” says a tweet.

The people also mobilized this Saturday in Punta Cardón, Falcón state, and in the town of San Pablo, located in the Arístides Bastidas municipality of Yaracuy state.

President Nicolás Maduro interpreted the mobilizations as a sign of conscience of the Venezuelan people, which he urged to stay in the streets.

“The mobilizations that we have seen in the communities of the country are impressive, why
what that passion and that joy? Simple, the people are aware that we must defend Peace, stability and the right to the future of boys, girls and youth ”, he wrote the Head of state.

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