The pension reform “is fair and supports the system”

Álvaro Delgado, Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic and most likely one of the pre-candidates in the National Party’s internal elections, attended the PIT-CNT act.

Regarding the completion of the act, covered by the press, Delgado said that, in what remains of the current administration, the government will seek to “build” with the unions on those issues where they can “agree”, although he assumed ideological differences in various aspects.

The hierarch affirmed that social dialogue “is important” and that attending the act “means an attitude” in favor of rapprochement. In this sense, the Secretary of the Presidency was inclined to work on proposals related to employment in the future, and the challenges that technological changes imply.

Given the criticism he received from the PIT-CNT, the Secretary of the Presidency also stated that the pension reform “is fair and gives support to the system” and that “the government will end up fulfilling all the campaign promises it made.”

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