The Paraguayan mafia involved in the crime of prosecutor Pecci

The jurist Benjamín Fernández Bogado gave some details to a Colombian media about the current progress of the investigation of the prosecutor’s death, although it has been put in the background due to the scandal that occurred when Hugo Velázquez was declared corrupt.

Although it is known that the most concrete information is that provided by the Colombian authorities, in our country Senator Desirée Masi was the one who directly accused the prosecutor Lorenzo Lezcano of having prior knowledge of Marset’s adventures.

There is no doubt that the mafia was involved in what happened to Marcelo Pecci; Fernández Bogado also mentioned that: “The issue of the Marset connection was not investigated because it involves fiscal actors and also political actors, one of Marset’s partners is a deputy named Erico Galeano who has been identified within an operation called ” At all costs Paraguay”, but in his capacity as a deputy and also as a close collaborator of Cartes, and as the Attorney General’s Office is suspected of protecting Cartes and his bidders, he has not had the proper investigation”.

With this identification that occurred in Colombia, it is likely that a line of investigation will move again in which deputy Galeano could also be involved, the jurist mentioned.

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