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A ranking places the management of César “Landy” Torres in first place, until recently mayor of the city of Santa Rita and today a candidate for governor of Alto Paraná for the Honor Colorado movement.

Landy Torres’ management was highlighted in the implementation of an Internal Control System, according to a ranking published by the MECIP, which is the Standard Model of Internal Control of Paraguay, dependent on the Comptroller General of the Republic.

According to the scientific report released by the body that measures transparency in the management of the country’s municipalities, César “Landy” Torres was focused on actions, activities, plans, policies, norms, records, procedures and methods, including the environment and attitudes developed by authorities and their officials in charge.

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According to TN Express publicationthe ultimate goal is to prevent possible risks that affect a public entity, in its case, the municipality of Santa Rita, to which the current candidate for governor always refers when offering the Colorado electorate for these inmates, his experience to bring it to the Alto Paraná Governorate and thus its transparent and honest management, be of benefit to the entire department, and not just to one city.

Landy Torres is candidate for List 2 for governor of Alto Paraná, in the inmates this Sunday, December 18.

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