The owner of a car wash is murdered in Tanaguarena

The owner of a car wash is murdered in Tanaguarena

In La Guaira on Tuesday morning, one of the owners of a car wash was murdered, located in the Caraballeda parish, police officials presume that it was a hired killer.

The victim identified as William Toro (43) arrived at the scene early to open his store located in the Tanaguarena urbanization, in front of the Oppe-25 urban development, where he received five bullet wounds.

According to the report of the state police of La Guaira (Polilaguaira), the victim, who was a member of the VIP Car Wash, indicated that the shots were fired by a man who, according to witnesses, is described as tall and thin and who, apparently, had been doing “guard”, in front of the car wash.

Witnesses also indicated that the murderer was traveling on a white DR motorcycle and when he fled he left a helmet lying on the pavement.

Toro was transferred to a private health center, where he died, according to the security officers’ report.

The investigators presume, in a preliminary way, that it is a hit man, because there was no robbery. However, investigations continue.

The neighbors assure that Toro was a very appreciated person in the community and that apparently he had intentions to leave the country with his family.

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