The overview of roads and terminals in the country for Easter

The overview of roads and terminals in the country for Easter

Thinking of traveling during Easter? Here we tell you which roads are affected by the winter season, the landscape of the land and air terminalsthe restriction for freight vehicles and the measures taken in plan for a safe Easterso that you are ready before starting your trip during the Holy Week.

8,326,792 vehicles is the number that Ministry of Transport expects them to mobilize for this Holy Week, whose deployment begins from this friday april 8 and goes to the return plan, next Sunday, April 17.

It should be remembered that in 2021, 8,244,354 vehicles were mobilized along the main roads in Colombia, a figure that is expected to be exceeded this year with more than 82 thousand additional.

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Therefore, within the framework of the strategy For a safe Easter the “More than 53,000 police officers and nearly 6,000 officials from the Traffic and Transportation Directorate will be providing security, mobility and accident prevention throughout the national road network.

In addition, they have arranged4,163 institutional vehicles, 3,202 motorcycles, 262 breathalyzers for taking drunkenness tests and 174 speed cameras; 30 total stations, 62 mobile criminalistics units, 68 cranes and 5 classroom buses”as reported by Major General Juan Alberto Libreros, director of National Police Traffic and Transportation (Ditra).


If you are one of those who plan to travel by car, take into account the state of the country’s main highways.

Roads affected by the winter season:

​- Via Curos-Malaga, Santander: It is closed, approximately, until Wednesday, April 13, due to the rising of a ravine at kilometer 88.

Narino: the technical and structuring director of the National Institute of Roads (Invías), Guillermo Toro explained that “In Nariño, due to the weather, there are problems due to landslides that caused closures during the early hours of this Friday.” However, he clarified that the emergency is being attended to, so that on the afternoon of this Friday, April 8, there is already a lane available.

Antioch: According to a report by Invías, there are partial closures on some roads due to landslides.

– In addition, inconveniences were reported on the road Pereira-Quibdo.

The rest of the routes are reported as normal.

It should be remembered that the departments most affected by the rainy season have been Cundinamarca, Cauca, Antioquia, Huila, Nariño and those of the Coffee Regionaccording to the National Crisis Room.

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If you plan to travel from the transport terminal in your city, please note that a flow of 2,658,493 passengers is expected through the country’s land terminals.

For which, according to Mintransporte, the following will be taken into account:

– Relay of drivers with journeys every 8 hours.
– Breathalyzer verification.
– Inspections of the motor vehicles so that they comply with the technical-mechanical and documentary aspects.
– Verification of transport contracts and, if required, subscription of emergency agreements.
– Verify that there is no overcrowding.
Among others.

Previous days, the Ditra and the Transport Superintendence have already carried out 24 operations in the main land terminals.

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The Bogotá District Institute for Animal Protection and Welfare, in support of the Bogotá Transport Terminal, launched a campaign to call for conscience to travelers who have pets so that they do not abandon them as luggage in the terminals.


Note that You can check the status of the tracks through line #767, option 3.

In addition, you can communicate for requests, complaints and claims on the highways through the mail [email protected], User Avisa through the WhatsApp line 3185946666, the free line 018000915615, and a virtual chat on the website of the Supertransport (Click here).

In 2021, Invías answered 17,708 calls through line #767 regarding questions about the state of the roads.

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For the safety of travelers and mobility on the roads, as of this Friday, April 8, there is a restriction for cargo vehicles at the following times:

Hours and days of restriction for Easter for cargo vehicles shared by the Ministry of Transport.

Ministry of Transport


On the other hand, if you are one of those who will be traveling by plane, keep in mind that a flow of “1,437,000 passengers: 979,323 to national destinations and 456,572 to international destinations“, according to Mintransporte.

Also, this April 8 flight delays are already reportedas reported by the Colombian Civil Aeronautics.

“Due to the high demand for operations at the beginning of the Holy Week, added to the adverse weather conditions forecast for this afternoon in the surroundings of the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, there could be significant delays in the itineraries”.

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