Lola Chomnalez

The other crime that allowed the possible murderer of Lola Chomnalez to be arrested

Lola Chomnalez was killed in December 2014. The Police worked on the case for a long time, however, it took almost eight years to arrest the main suspect in her murder. In the investigations, the investigations carried out in another crime, in this case a triple homicide, were key.

When they found the body of the young Argentine, the authorities also found a bloody backpack from which they took DNA samples. Initially, these samples were matched with many others, but they all came back negative.

However, there was another violent event far from Rocha that was key to determining the author of the genetic material. It was about the triple homicide that occurred in a sentry box in Cerro where they were three sailors. The murderer was Jonathan Bragundi, from Roche.

Bragundi’s genetic map was very similar to that of the towel and Chomnalez’s ID. The investigators followed the trail and reviewed the man’s relatives, among whom was Leonardo David Sena, 39 years old. Sena was prosecuted for a violation in 2009, so they decided to investigate it more deeply.

Sena was related to Bragundi on her mother’s side. The mother of the first had 11 children and gave him up for adoption to a family based in La Paloma. At the time of the murder of the young Argentine, the formalized was without a fixed residence, between La Paloma, Chuy and Castillos.

In recent years the subject lived in Chuy. He worked as a baker’s assistant and settled down with a couple. In accordance with The countryat the time of his arrest, he did not agree to give a DNA sample, but the Police seized a toothbrush and obtained the sample from there.

The prosecutor in the case, Jessica Pereyra, indicated that up to three DNA tests were applied to Sena and they gave a 99.9% match with the sample of the victim’s belongings.

Sena stated that he never killed anyone, including the young woman. As she explained, she found the young woman’s backpack on the beach and stole 1,000 pesos, then she wiped her blood on a towel because she cut herself with a bottle.

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