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November 9, 2022
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The Ortega regime reproaches the US for its interest in “dominating”

The Ortega regime reproaches the US for its interest in "dominating"

After the disputed municipal votes, held on Sunday, November 6, and where the Ortega regime took complete control of the 153 mayors of Nicaragua, the country’s vice president, Rosario Murillo, continues to celebrate her victory without political competition.

«We voted for peace and we know that because there is a country there is peace. This homeland and that sense of homeland that makes us all vibrate as Nicaraguan fighters by the grace of God, “said the spokeswoman for the Ortega regime in her speech this Tuesday through her propaganda media.

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In reference to the 46th anniversary —November 8, 1976— of the death of the founder of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, Carlos Fonseca Amador, the wife of dictator Daniel Ortega said that “we are with Carlos throughout the country, paying homage to him and delivering good account thanks to God to our founder».

«This homeland, beautiful, beloved, glorious and liberated, that we inherited from Diriangén, from Zeledón, from Andrés (Castro), from Jose Dolores, from Sandino, from Carlos —Fonseca—. We fulfill everyone today, with this immense love for Nicaragua that we confirm every day,” the president said excitedly.

Murillo celebrates “triumph of peace” after winning the municipal elections without competition

Despite the fact that more faithful followers leave the country every day, Murillo affirmed that they continue with “our unity that allows us to fight, win and continue to win.”

“Here is Daniel —Ortega— with the flags raised, and here is the people of Nicaragua with Daniel. Flag held high, burning heart, growing heart, burning heart », he remarked and also said that all Nicaraguans they are mayors in reference to the robbery of all the mayorships.

Launches against USA

As if he were having a conversation with Carlos Fonseca, Murillo told him: «we evolved Carlos, from the immovable ideals and values ​​of our glorious history of anti-imperialism, we remain solid, firm, brave, aware, consistent, libertarian, we evolve to be better and better serve our great people every day in all its expressions of work…».

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In an attack on the United States, the coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council pointed out that her regime recognizes “the territories of these new times of humanity, complicated, complex, difficult, challenging, defiant and always unfair.”because empires do not abandon their purpose of domination, even resorting to the criminal and genocidal, fascist past with which they wanted to put an end to peoples, wealth and cultures throughout the world».

“We continue to fight with integrity for our rights, our resources (…), our luminous identities and dignified forms of life that it is up to all of us to continue creating and defending,” he stressed.

The United States restricts the visas of 100 Nicaraguans affiliated with the Ortega-Murillo regime
Murillo says that the robbery of all the mayor’s offices in the country was to “honor” Carlos Fonseca Amador

On the other hand, Murillo took the opportunity to thank his ally China “for the important donation” that the Technical Equipment Police received this day. “This is one more contribution of the People’s Republic of China to security, to peace, because security is peace and because there is a homeland there is security and peace,” he mentioned.

Rosario Murillo concluded by stating once again that the past will not return, “and we say with all certainty that Nicaragua triumphs in peace and unity.” She also reported that this afternoon they will be showing flowers at Carlos Fonseca Amador, where he will celebrate the victory of all the mayors’ offices.

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